Are you ready to improve the significant relationships in your life?

Spouse or Significant Other:

Is it time for you to…

  • Create a shared relationship vision
  • Improve communication
  • Turn toward your partner
  • Use conflict as a growth opportunity
  • Restore the romance you once had
  • Solve problems while they are still small

Then Relationship Coaching is for you.

Family and/or Friends:

Is it time for you to…

  • Bring these important relationships to the next level
  • Discover ways to improve communication patterns
  • Uncover ways to handle areas of conflict productively

Then Relationship Coaching is for you.

Relationship Coaching is a professional client-focused service where an individual or couple work to achieve relationship goals and create a relationship vision with the help and guidance of a supportive and informed coach.

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My sister and I were missing out on so much in our relationship. I didn’t know how to make it better, but I knew that we both had to work on it. Working with Roseanna as a Relationship Coach made all the difference in the world. Her warmth, care and skill helped up find the way. The answers were inside of us and she unlocked them. Our relationship is so much richer because we worked with Roseanna.

Elsa O’Brien
Tampa, FL


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